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  • infinity-96-gas-furnace-59TN6 With one of our heating and cooling systems in place, you’ll be able to precisely forecast your ideal temperature and comfort for years to come. > Get A Quote >

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Dual Heat Exchanger Heat exchangers are the components that draw heat from the burned gas. To draw more heat from the air they burn, energy-efficient furnaces supplement the primary exchanger with a second exchanger. Because the exhaust gases in that second exchanger might … > Get A Quote >

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In a condensing furnace, the primary heat exchanger extracts roughly 80% of the energy from your heating fuel and converts it into heat for your home. The secondary heat exchanger draws additional heat energy from combustion to raise the efficiency to 90% or higher. > Get A Quote >

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If you’re Carrier gas furnace is a condensing unit – a high efficiency furnace – it may be that the condensate pump is bad or that the trap in the condensate drain is filled with sediment. If the drain trap can be accessed, check for debris and clear any that is found. > Get A Quote >

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Flame Sensor. The flame sensor monitors the burner to detect whether or not a flame is present. If the flame sensor is defective, it might fail to detect a flame. If the flame sensor does not detect a flame, the control board will shut off voltage to the gas valve to prevent the furnace from heating. > Get A Quote >

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Original review: Feb. 10, 2020. We have replaced 25 year old Carrier furnace with a new one back in 2015. The installation was executed by an approved dealer from Carrier. > Get A Quote >

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    1. American Standard Furnaces. American Standard furnaces units are one of the most reliable brands …

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      How Is Furnace’S Efficiency Measured?Before we delve into the Lennox vs Carrier furnace debate, we first need to understand a little bit about how furnaces are measured for efficiency.Lennox Furnace Efficiency Review – Lennox SLP98V furnace.Both Carrier and Lennox make oil and gas furnaces. The Lennox Furnace company makes three different levels of furnaces, ranging from their most expCarrier Furnace Efficiency Review – Carrier Infinity 98 furnace.The Carrier Furnace company also makes three different levels of furnace, ranging from efficient and expensive (again…think Wisconsin, Montane, etcLennox Furnace Performance and Features ReviewThe premium Lennox Signature Series features: 1. Energy Star Rating 2. G.E. Self-Calibrating Variable Speed Inducer – varies the air-fuel mixture tCarrier Infinity Performance and Features ReviewCarrier, as you will see, has many of the same features as the Lennox, and although they do not offer a built-in humidifier option anymore, they doLennox Furnace Reliability and Repairs.In our experience and in talking to other Lennox customers, we have often times been called out for repairs on relatively new Lennox furnaces, someCarrier Furnace Reliability and Repairs.The Carrier series furnaces are less likely to break down, in our experience, and if they do it is so much easier to order replacement parts. Usual

        1. American Standard Furnaces. American Standard furnaces units are one of the most reliable brands … Carrier furnace igniter. The igniter gets very hot and glows bright orange to light the gas burner. If the igniter is cracked or defective, the furnace won’t heat.

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A furnace is measured by it’s Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating, which is measured as a direct percentage of what amount of fuel can be translated into usable heat for your house, the remainder of which is wasted. For instance, if a furnace has an AFUE rating of 80, > Get A Quote >

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To achieve mid to high 90% efficiency, a furnace typically has a variable-speed blower motor and two or more stages of heating to match heating output with demand as conditions change. Carrier high efficiency furnaces can be rated as high as 98% efficiency AFUE and include intelligent, communicating technology designed to help enhance your comfort. > Get A Quote >