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If you do an internet search, there are many rules of thumb for sizing a brewery boiler including: 50,000 Btuh per barrel of capacity,1-2 Boiler HP (BHP) per brew barrel,1 BHP per barrel for smaller brewers and 2 BHP for brewers per barrel with large hot liquor tanks. > Get A Quote >

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Assuming your boiler is 80% efficient with 300,000 BTU input, steam output will be 240,000 BTU, which would give you some to spare for piping losses, etc. Once the liquid in the kettle reaches 212F, boiling begins and all available heat will be used to boil contents since there will no longer be any temp rise. > Get A Quote >

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Boiler Sizing Matt, I generally size 1 BHP (boiler horse power) per barrel of brewhouse capacity for our brewpub systems. You can get away with less, but a lot depends on how close the boiler is to the brewhouse, hot liquor tank usage, steam pressure and the size of the steam supply line. Your 4 HP boiler is small for a 10 bbl kettle. > Get A Quote >

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System Size (Brewhouse Size) x Number of brews per week x 50 weeks per year = Annual Production Option 1 – 10 Barrel System: 5,000 barrels / 10 barrel brewhouse / 50 brew … > Get A Quote >

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China Oil Boiler Sizing, Oil Boiler Sizing from China Supplier - Find Variety Oil Boiler Sizing from thermal oil heating boiler ,oil steam boiler ,waste oil boiler, Boilers Suppliers Located in China, Buy Oil Boiler Sizing Made in China on > Get A Quote >

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Aug 29, 2016· If the boiler is operated close to the setting of the safety valve, it may open and push all the steam and water from the boiler. The discharge of the safety valve should include a drip panel, which will limit the weight on the relief valve and allow the drainage of any water in the discharge pipe of the relief valve. > Get A Quote >

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Sizing a Brewery Chiller. In order to calculate the size of the Brewery Chiller you require, a few other calculations must be determined first.  Let’s start with the bbl, which is the number of barrels your brewery is able to produce.  If you are able to produce 20 barrels at one time, you have a 20 barrel system (bbl). > Get A Quote >

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A pre-plumbed boiler system skid from Alpha Brewing Operations is a significant time saver. Our skids neatly organize the full components of the boiler including water softener, condensate feed/return tank, blow down tank and chemical treatment system. It arrives on a heavy duty, space saving skid ready to plug in and go. > Get A Quote >

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Sizing the boiler The most important part of the steam system design is to properly size the boiler. An oversized boiler can result in frequent cycling, while an undersized boiler may never be able to meet the temperature requirements of the brewery. Either circumstance will adversely affect the brewing process. > Get A Quote >

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Author: Ray Wohlfarth Apr 03, 2013· If not, then the brewhouse determines the size of the boiler. Listen to the manufacturer. Kettles & mash mixers can have 1-4 jackets of different sizes and configurations. Your OEM should guarantee an evaporation rate or grist heat-up with a certain size boiler. Your HLT is ancillary; does it matter whether it heats up in two hours vs. six? > Get A Quote >