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The ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2020 designation recognizes the most efficient products among those that are ENERGY STAR certified. These exceptional furnaces represent the leading edge in energy efficient products this year. These furnaces are designed to provide the best comfort for the least energy with the associated thermostat, controller > Get A Quote >

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See how much you can save by switching to pellet heat by using Harman Stoves pellet stove fuel & energy saving calculator. Pellet Stove Fuel & Energy Saving Calculator | Harman Stoves ephczo1dcvxbakclt2qqd0jt > Get A Quote >

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Jul 19, 2019· Pellet wood (as well as solid wood) are more eco-friendly alternatives to non-renewable fossil fuel such as oil, coal and natural gas. Most pellet stoves are less expensive to install than wood > Get A Quote >

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Author: Sheri Koones EPA's mandatory smoke emission limit for wood stoves is now 4.5 grams of smoke per hour (g/h) under Step 1 of the revised standards of performance for wood burning room heaters; Step 2 will take effect on May 15, 2020, when the standard will be lowered to 2.0 g/h. Heaters using the optional cord wood test method must meet a standard of 2.5 g/h. > Get A Quote >

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Dec 12, 2019· An average pellet stove will use from 1 to 3 tons of pellets per year. Figuring in the costs cited above on a usage basis, pellets are less expensive than cord wood. Of course, with pellets you also save on the time and energy needed to stack and carry wood, and pellets can be stored in only one-third the space needed for cord wood. > Get A Quote >

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Not all fireplaces are energy efficient by nature. Each type of fireplace has a different energy efficiency rating, measured by the amount of heat the fireplace produces that is lost. Wood-Burning Fireplaces. While some people love the authenticity of a wood-burning fireplace, it is the least efficient method to heat … > Get A Quote >

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But the standards they set for energy efficiency in household appliances are pretty useful, and you can expect any wood-burning stove that has been certified by the EPA to be at least 30 to 40 percent more efficient than an older model. It will be a heck of a lot easier to get fire insurance if you have an EPA-certified stove as well. > Get A Quote >

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Pellet stoves that are certified by the EPA are likely to be in the 70% to 83% efficiency range. Pellet stoves have heating capacities that range between 8,000 and 90,000 Btu per hour. They are suitable for homes as well as apartments or condominiums. Most pellet stoves cost between $1,700 and $3,000. However, a pellet stove is often cheaper to install than a conventional wood-burning heater. > Get A Quote >

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Jun 22, 2019· One of the most innovative features of the Comfortbilt HP22 is that it has the highest heating capacity among our top 5 pellet stove. With the heating capacity of 50,000 BTU, it can heat an apartment of 2600 sq.ft effectively than any other wood pellet stove. > Get A Quote >

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Guide to Energy Efficient Ovens & Stoves. Whether you’re roasting a chicken or sautéing veggies, chances are, your kitchen appliances get a daily workout. No matter what’s cooking, ovens and stoves consume a lot of energy! Turn off the heat early. You can save energy by using the residual heat left in the oven. Thaw your food first. > Get A Quote >

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Jan 06, 2009· Yes and yes. Burning wood pellets can replace your electric furnace, and provides as much heat as you want or can afford. And while it's less efficient than an electric furnace… > Get A Quote >