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The AGRI-FLAME is designed to heat with any dry bio-mass bale, but can also burn saw mill waste in log or bundled form. These renewable fuels are burned inside the stove to heat almost 4000 gallons of water which is then circulated to the houses through a series of radiator units that transfer the heat into the houses, reducing the need for heat from other sources. > Get A Quote >

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Last fall, he used his new stalkfired furnace to dry his entire corn crop (16,000 bu.) with 1-ton stacks of corn stalks fed into the huge throat of the furnace, one at a time. "I'm not experimenting," Wieweck told FARM SHOW. "This is the only crop-drying system I own and it's the only one I need. > Get A Quote >

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Aug 28, 2013· The biomass pellet production line was installed for your India customer, the capacity is 5t/h, for material corn stalk, straw, wood waste, wood sawdust, rice … > Get A Quote >

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The drier the corn is, the better it burns and the more heat you get from it, so don't plan on using home grown corn until at least two months after harvest. Commercially prepared corn is commercially dried and you can take a tip from that, if you're so inclined. > Get A Quote >

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Balzer Corn Shredders are designed for corn and grass residue with an aerodynamically designed hood to increase chopping action without requiring extra power or fuel. These Corn Shredders are available in various configurations such as End Drive, Center Drive, Windrow, BT Corn End Drive as well as many different options for the best performance > Get A Quote >

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Feb 23, 2011· The boiler is big enough that I could fit in 4x4 round bales or 3x3 square bales. Has anyone on here tried burning corn fodder or straw bales in a boiler like this for heat? I have been thinking that fodder bales would be a lot easier to load than wood. > Get A Quote >

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Corn stalk pellets making machine is also known as pellet mill, pellet machine and but also applied to biomass boiler in large cities in every ones' daily life. the husk, cob, leaves and stalk that are left in fields after grain is harvested. > Get A Quote >

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corn stalk boiler – industrial boiler manufacturer Biomass fired boiler manufacturer. No matter solid fuel fired hot water boiler, and solid fuel water tube steam boiler, if your …. ZG boiler offers both single-drum biomass cornstalks for hot water boiler – biomass fired … Corn Stalk Boiler, Corn Stalk Boiler … > Get A Quote >

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Nov 01, 2014· I am curious I am looking at buying a CB 5036 and was wondering if you could burn corn stalk and hay bales in it. Because I farm and have an over abundace of both but may not be able to find enough wood year after year. > Get A Quote >

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Corn Stalk / Stover Biomass Boiler Manufacture 2017-08-01 17:52:34 . Corn stalk consists of the leaves, stalks, and cobs of maize (corn) plants left in a field after harvest. Such stover makes up about half of the yield of a corn crop and is similar to straw from other cereal grasses; in Britain it is sometimes called corn straw. > Get A Quote >

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Nov 28, 2008· Got an old Schultz 4 row chopper and it can windrow corn stalks. It has two deflecting sheets of metal that bolt in on each side at the rear. It is old but works great. You only bale 4 rows, some guys think this is to slow and want more rows raked together, … > Get A Quote >