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Formula to calculate electricity or gas consumption of water heating . A simple formula to estimate the energy required to heat a volume of water is : E = C*V*DeltaT/PR Where E = energy in kWh C = Specific heat of water - 4.187 kJ/kgK, or 1,163 Wh/kg°C V = volume of water to heat deltaT = Th-Tc Th = temperature of hot water > Get A Quote >

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The calculation is based on a for Charlotte and Sarasota County typical cold water intake temperature of °F, a water heater temperature of °F and on an electricity cost of cents/KWh. This calculator is only intented to give you a rough estimate. > Get A Quote >

Rheem 850330NO 130 Litre 5 Star - 1st Choice Hot Wat

Rheem 850330NO 130 Litre 5 Star Natural Gas A favourite among families Rheem 850330NO is a premium 5 Star energy efficient water heater, with fast replacement of any hot water as it’s used. Money saving – 5 Star gas energy efficiency helps save on gas bills. > Get A Quote >

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Natural gas hot water boilers are one of the most popular types of boilers in the country. We carry a full selection of natural gas hot water boilers from the top brands in the industry. Find yours today. Shop by Brand. Shop by Vent Type. Shop by DOE Capacity. Shop by Feature. Shop by Brand. Shop by Vent Type > Get A Quote >

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Featuring a 50-gallon (nominal) tank and a 130,000 BTU natural gas burner, the Polaris® GHX 50 130 N power direct vent delivers a Thermal Efficiency of 95% and a recovery rate of 165 gallons per hour. It carries a 10-year limited tank warranty, and meets Ultra-Low NOx emission requirements. > Get A Quote >

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Aug 01, 2019· 130 Kwh Hot Water Boiler Gas – biomass fired boiler in Colombia for hospital – supply hot . was using two crude oilfired boilers and one heating oil boiler to provide heat and hot water to its 50,000 1 Ton Gas Fired Boiler For Hospital In Bangladesh, Gas Zozen can provide 1 ton – 130 ton gas fired boiler for a hospital from Bangladesh, according to their specific requirement. > Get A Quote >

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kW stands for kilowatt. A kilowatt is simply 1,000 watts, which is a measure of power. So, for example, the 10,000 watt electric shower in the top bullet point above could also be called a 10 kilowatt shower. A kilowatt hour (kWh) is a measure of energy. So a 1,000 watt drill needs 1,000 watts (1 kW) of power to make it work, and uses 1 kWh of > Get A Quote >

Are electric boilers cheaper to run, compared to g

Mar 29, 2017· It is a misconception that gas boilers are cheaper to run as compared to electric ones. Let us brief you and explain, how close the running cost is between gas boilers and electric boilers. There are factors which people ignore when they compare a gas boiler setup with electric boilers. > Get A Quote >

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output versions of 20/24, 25/30 and 30/34kW as mixed unit for heating and generation of domestic hot water and of 16, 24 and 38 kW as system boiler for only heating Additional energy savings by high efficiency pump (in some countries) > Get A Quote >

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Your selection of a water heater using gallon(s) per day will have a $ energy cost savings per water heater over an estimated 13 year life expectancy compared to the model. Assumptions "Base model" has an efficiency that just meets the national minimum standard for gas and electric water heaters. > Get A Quote >